High-return Teak Investment Opportunity with Agrotech Sri Lanka


At Informatics Agrotech, we grow money on trees— Teak Trees!

Timber is one of safest and steadiest investment opportunities and a valuable commodity with a skyrocketing demand. Teak (Tectona grandis) in particular, is one of the premier luxury hardwood timbers in the world that offers highest yields and stands the test of time. Teak furniture can be preserved for centuries while old teak is often reclaimed and used to craft new items. Breaking Teak down for crafting materials does not cause aesthetic damage to the timber and its natural oils protect the wood from termites and unwanted exposure. Quality and durability is what Teak is about.

Agrotech invites you to invest in Teak Value Added projects, right here in Sri Lanka. We offer you quality Teak trees in a well-managed and sustainable plantation and means of safe investment.

Teak Plantation

Why Invest in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lanka Forest Department regulations do not allow the export of teak logs, but we understand that exporting planks of sizes as specified in the regulations may not cater to your requirements.

Agrotech invites foreign investors like you to establish projects here in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the safest countries in the world to invest in due to a number of mechanisms in place to protect investors. Article 157 of the island’s constitution guarantees the safety of investment protection treaties and agreements approved by parliament by a two thirds majority. Further, the Board Of Investment (BOI)( provides many services to facilitate foreign investors.

Since the end of the civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka has experienced low inflation rates and political stability. The living standards and infrastructure of the country has significantly developed, resulting in high volume-handling ports and airports, special long term tax relief and duty free importation of machinery/equipment for foreign investors. That’s not all, Sri Lanka’s strategic location at the cross roads of both East and West sea routes has historically provided unique advantages to foreign investors.

As an investor, you will greatly benefit by establishing a manufacturing plant here in Sri Lanka as:

  • The wood wastage will be minimal and the storage time and cost will be negligible thus reducing operating costs significantly.
  • By-products of trees can be used or sold for rustic furniture, wooden ornaments and toys etc.

There are far less regulatory complications involved in exporting Teak value added products to anywhere in the world

What Can Agrotech Offer?

Teak value addition is a promising investment opportunity. In our Agrotech plantation there are about 100,000 trees ranging from 10 to 25 years of age where each tree contains 0.75m3 on average. We can provide both FSC and non-FSC timber. The non-FSC timber is from the surrounding villages of the main plantation and account for more than half a million trees.


The maturity of the Teak tree requirements  vary with the nature of the product— Teak can be used for hardwood flooring, decking, tropical wood products like wooden ornaments as well as teak lumber, flooring and panelling.

Investors who are interested in partnering with Agrotech will receive assistance in constructing the manufacturing plant and identifying the location of the plant. We will also help you to obtain utilities and skilled labour required for the factory and provide advice on complying with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations and labour laws.

  • At present there 10,000 Teak trees readily available including trees that are over 20 years old
  • In three years from now, there will be 15,000 – 20,000 trees available annually.
  • Utilities including electricity, water and communication facilities are available in the area
  • Roadways and train services are available from the land to the city of Colombo and the port, and can facilitate transportation of all timber products, logs, lumber etc.


Download Teak Plantation Here …

  • High – Return Teak   High - Return Teak
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