Agrotech – An Overview

Incorporated in 1987, Informatics Agrotech (Pvt) Ltd is an agriculture-based subsidiary of Informatics Holdings Ltd., who’s main line of business, is Information Technology and Education. Informatics Agrotech is a BOI approved company planting over 1000 acres of land consisting of Cashew, Coconut and Timber. It also has an intercrop of Banana, Pineapple and Papaya as a cash crop and Mango, Orange and Lime as medium-term crops. It also embarked on releasing cattle from slaughterhouses as a meritorious act, which has now turned into a dairy project.

The Agrotech farm at Dehiattakandiya, popularly known as the “Kadjuwatta”, situated within the Mahaweli System”C” area about 83 kilometers north of Mahiyangana in Polonnaruwa and Ampara districts.

It has the Maduruoya wildlife sanctuary, Kekulawela tank and Ratkinda canal on its Eastern and Southern boundaries, and the rocky “Kuda Sigiriya” mountain range in the Western region.


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